Help Services for Vloggers and Bloggers

October 26, 2015

Vector Courier services are also available to professional vloggers and bloggers. We can handle everything from administrative support and website updates to project coordination and troubleshooting.

Your schedule is busy and you are often mobile, making it difficult to coordinate projects and meetings, or troubleshoot problems especially when in a different city or country. We are your complete office support solution, assisting you so you can make the most of your day shooting or writing.

Whether you need information on an event you are attending, background information on personalities or general research, we can help. We can prepare the details with links, highlights and topic recent news coverage for your reference. If you need specific details and background to accompany a vlog or blog we can coordinate the work so it is ready for your edit time. Long term research can also be arranged to help with your in-depth interviews, documentaries or books.

We can reach out to the media and fans for your public events to raise awareness. With calendar management and coordination, your itinerary will be kept up to date and your colleagues and appointments contacted for confirmations and informed of updates as needed. In some cases it puts you in an awkward situation to make requests personally such as wanting to interview someone, requiring access to an event or requesting a sponsorship. These are all situations in which we can reach out and make contact on your behalf as your assistant. Having your “assistant” make contact will avoid any negative feelings allowing for a continued professional relationship, particularly if they cannot accommodate the request at the time.

Social Media
Your fans follow your work because you are social. In cases where you cannot post we can update your networks for you as per your instructions. If you have long travel, an emergency, no internet access etc. we can schedule regular updates for you.

Website and Blog
Website updates can be posted daily or periodically as your content requires. If you do not have a website we can work with you to plan and create a site that represents your style and brand. We work with Drupal and WordPress CMS websites and can provide custom coding as needed.

We will represent you professionally and can provide a wide range of administrative services including:

-vendor and merchandise research and selection
-drafting correspondence, proposals and sponsorships
-accounts receivable (friendly follow up with overdue clients)
-calendar management
-project coordination
-contact list management
-data entry
-sending thank you cards

North America
We can provide research and support services for you globally and can coordinate services for various time zones. Our office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada which is the same time zone as Los Angeles, California, USA. We are well-equipped to handle a variety of requests pertaining to markets and demographics in Canada and the United States.

We can work on retainer on an as-needed basis or we can provide custom packages for daily, weekly or monthly services. Our services are flexible to fit your budget and support your business requirements.

Personalized Service
You will have one primary contact that handles all of your requests. Your Vector Courier contact is your “personal assistant” and will always be up to date on all information in your files.

We will handle all of your requests with discretion. Information in your files will never be shared with anyone unless you direct us to do so.

General Support
Sometimes you may need a fresh set of eyes on something or an opinion. We have over 25 years of business, management and marketing experience and over 15 years of digital media experience. We are here to support you however we can.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your vlog or blog administrative workload. We will work within your budget to find a solution that provides you maximum support.

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